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We Believe In Redemption

We help clients move forward with their lives. We work with Re-entry Programs, Faith-Based Organizations, Halfway Houses, Government Agencies and other Community Agencies.

Help For Re-entry Professionals

We are your Resource for Health Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Insurance providing information and phone support to your Clients and Staff.

  • One Minute Orientation Video (English & Spanish)
  • Resources Cards for Orientation Packets
  • Small Informational Posters for Waiting Areas

(In English)

(En Español)

Who is the Community Health Insurance Program?

The Community Health Insurance Program is a team of bilingual insurance experts dedicated to helping Returning Citizens gain access to health coverage.

We have helped over 5,000 Returning Citizens enroll in health coverage since 2013. As experts of both public and private insurance through the Marketplace, we are able to help clients select plans based on their medical and financial needs. This ensures that clients have access to the care they need at an affordable cost. 

SEP Timelines

Those Released from Incarceration within the last 60 days qualify for a Special Enrollment Period to get health insurance. Individuals that got a job, got a raise, or got an increase in hours within the last 60 days may qualify even if their release date was more than 60 days ago

Coverage Description

These are major medical Marketplace plans through large companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield. These plans provide coverage for doctor visits, ER, prescription drugs, surgeries, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and more!

How Expensive Are These Plans?

Premiums depend on income, location, and family size, but they typically range from no cost to very little cost ($20 or less) per month. The reason they are so inexpensive is because the government gives subsidies to individuals based on income and family size.


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I've had nothing but a helpful and wonderful experience. I ran into a couple difficulties while trying to get my insurance situated and was helped every step of the way. Everytime i called, the staff member over my case was knowledgeable and thorough in getting the problem solved and making sure my insurance was never lost. If I called and left a message, I was always had a return call from them in a timely fashion and all questions were answered, plus some. Highly recommended and professional. Thank you Darren and Danny for a pleasurable experience and the opportunity to have health insurance. You are a definite asset to the company. Once again, highly recommended!
Zachariah Long

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